Welcome to v1!

Here's my lil corner in the Internet, which is also my link-in-bio. I fiddle with this site a lot, because I love fiddlin' with things. I thank you very much for checking this thing out!

The Blurb

A short Black enby that occasionally gives in to shy poet adventures and bouts of non-sequitur obnoxiousness. I tend to be a wallflower and maybe even remember to exist. I love my phone, pop culture shout-outs, afrofuturism, badly-aged video games in 1080p, tea, and lounging on the floor in the sun.

That's the short of it! For an in-depth dossier, go here.

My Haunts

Archive of Our OwnEsaa Albi Tas

DreamwidthMy Favorite Void

Dungeon Crawl Stone SoupEsaatas

Improbable IslandBriss



PillowfortMimosa Potion

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